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My name is Madeline Osgarby and I am currently in my fourth year of the Uvic Bachelor of Education (Elementary Curriculum) program.


Why I Want to be a Teacher

I really discovered that I wanted to be a teacher when I was studying at a different university in a different faculty. I originally started my studies in the United States on an NCAA Field Hockey Scholarship at Kent State University studying Criminology and Justice Studies. I chose this field thinking when I grew up that I wanted to be a lawyer because I really enjoyed a law class I took. This class was taught by my favourite teacher in high school. I later discovered that it wasn’t the topic that made it intriguing but the way it was taught and the enthusiasm my teacher showed. I realized that school, which can feel dreary or actually dreaded by some students, can be made fun if lessons are taught with passion. I want to be the person who makes school fun and inspires young children to get the most out of their education. I want to impact future generations and be an advocate for children to help them realize their potential. By teaching, I can play a role in shaping the next generation while simultaneously making a meaningful contribution to my community.

My Teaching Philosophy

My current philosophy for education is that it is an educator’s responsibility to provide a safe environment in which each individual student can be supported through their ongoing physical, mental, emotional and social growth. It is my personal goal to provide a space in which a willingness to take risks and make mistakes is encouraged.

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